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(En français sur http://exilesdanslesbalkans.wordpress.com/ )

It is the inverse journey as the one covered by numerous exiles we meet in Calais. The Balkans, region they are from, like Kosovars in the 90s or Albanians today, or entrance region in Europe for exiles from Africa or Asia.

Two blogs, one in French http://exilesengrece.over-blog.com/, the other in English http://exilesingreece.over-blog.com/ , which helped to know the situation during several journeys in the Balkans, and also publish information collected between to trips.

They continue here on another plateform, completed by a page of links and another of documents, allowing a more comprehensive access to information, with the idea of ​​gradually become a source of information on the situation of exiles in the Balkans. They provide a complementary point of vue at Passeurs d’hospitalités  http://passeursdhospitalites.wordpress.com/, which focuses on the situation of exiles in Calais.


Pentax Digital CameraPatras (Greece), March 2011, a shack facing the sea.