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During summer 2009, a long struggle united together exiles, inside and outside the Pagani detention center on the Greek island of Lesbos, and Greek and international activists. It resulted in the closure of the most critisised Greek detention center at that time.

This common dynamic has also led to longer-term projects. For example a website for the exiles on their way to or in Europe in four languages ​​(Arabic, English, Farsi and French), and providing information on the situation in different European countries, access to rights, difficulties, as well as contacts:


Various information brochures are also available: http://w2eu.info/pritings.en.html 

Born of the same struggle , information tours to different places where exiles in Greece , and an information site with , about and for exiles in Greece:


Participants in the struggle of 2009 are also returned to Lesbos last October, to meet people, local activists and exiles who arrive again. They have been particularly involved in the welcome center PIKPA managed by local volunteers :