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Some information scattered, piecemeal, on arrivals of exiles in Lesbos, Greek island near the Turkish coast: 40 people on 28 February, 37 on March 1, 43 on March 2; 110 people on March 7; 80 on March 18 and 19

Some of them are taken to the new detention center near the village of Moria. It since last year replaces the old center of Pagani, where conditions were particularly unworth , closed in 2009 after a long struggle that had gathered exiles, international activists and residents of the island.

When the detention center is full, the newcomers are left on the street with no support from the authorities. To leave the island, to buy a boat ticket, you must be recorded by the police and holder of an order to leave Greek territory in a one-month period – the bureaucratic paradox is that to travel in Greece you need a document ordering you to leave the country.


A blog chronicling the exiles held in Lesvos: http://lesvos.w2eu.net

A group of activists and exiles who participated in the struggle of 2009 returned to Lesbos last October. They published a brochure in German, English and Greek on this experience, that can be found here: http://lesvos.w2eu.net/files/2014/02/Lesvos2013-Screen-DS.pdf