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Reflection of the Middle East crisis (the war settled in Syria and which starts again in Iraq), but also the closure of the land borders (erection of barriers, strengthening of controls, already old refoulement practices), exiles use again the sea to reach the European Union from Turkey. To Italy, to the north, the Black Sea and Romania, or directly to the Greek islands near the Turkish coast.

Thus, 5700 exiles arrived on the island of Lesbos in three months, from 15 August to 14 November.

Shipwrecks continue too, as in the night of November 20 to 21 near Lesbos. Sixteen people survived and four were missing, including a child.

Article in Greek:


The situation in Lesbos can be followed through the blog Welcome 2 Lesbos:


You can read especially the story of a young Syrian 17years old accused by the Coast Guard to be a smuggler, and sentenced to seven years in prison based on their sole testimonies to charge him.