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The Balkans is a region of interest in terms of migration. Passage region, sometimes completion, of migration came from outside of Europe, as such marked by European policy who want to lock. Region of emigration, not always welcome, often stigmatized, to the European Union. Fragmented region between EU member and non-EU, members or not of the Schengen area.

Greece sees itself as a country of emigration rather than immigration. Yet the turn of the years 1990 – 2000 saw not only the return of many emigrants, but also several regularization waves of undocumented workers, who had their place in the Greek economy.

Today, with the crisis, Greeks depart again in diaspora. But with the development of subcontracting and posting of workers, they may be treated like undocumented immigrants.

In France Inter’s broadcast 3D,” L’Histoire de Leanidas Theocharis” (in French):