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In 1999, during the Kosovo war, many refugees have gone to Germany. Ten years after the conflict is over, it has massively deported them to has become independent Kosovo or to Serbia. Despite ten years in the distance, children born in Germany, sometimes speak neither Albanian nor Serbian but German. Despite the economic slump in which is Kosovo.

Perhaps because of this experience, the Kosovo people today seem to choose France as a destination country. Their migration is linked to the discourse on the alleged “bogus asylum seekers”. Complex issue, France withdrew Kosovo from the list of safe countries of origin, recognizing the reality of the dangers that people may face there. But the doors of immigration in the European Union are so closed that asylum is often the only available option.

Yet both those who go need to build a future that Kosovo’s economy, which depends in part on the contributions of the diaspora. The opening of European borders would promote through migration the development of the economies of the Western Balkans and would bring them closer to the European Union.

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