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The number of Kosovars leaving to the EU increases, the figures of 100,000 for 2014 and 50,000 since the beginning of 2015 are discussed, some projections suggest 300,000 starts in 2015. That’s a lot for Kosovo 1.8 million inhabitants. This is not for the European Union, 500 million people.

Yet Brussels is moved by, the Hungarian parliament debates, Frontex blames France for having removed the Kosovo of the list of safe countries of origin for asylum seekers, Serbia is in the middle, as there are returned Kosovars arrested by the Hungarian authorities, Kosovo is seen intimate to prevent its nationals to leave, Germany continues to expel Kosovars who fled the war in 1998-1999, even if their children were born in Germany and families have made their lives for fifteen years.

Nor an unemployment rate reaching 70% in young or growing poverty nor lack of opportunity have mobilized the European authorities in such a way.

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