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Acquisition of Greek nationality by foreign children born in Greece or having lived most of their childhood, closure of detention centers and opening of open reception centers, end of Xenios Zeus operation and raids against foreigners, reception policy of asylum seekers and refugees, challenging the Dublin Regulation III, end of the refoulement at the border: barely to the government, SYRIZA reiterated its position on migration policy.

But its partner in government, ANEL nationalist right-wing party claims opposite positions. A kind of floating or standby position seemed to fall into place, giving priority to the discussions with the European institutions on the end of the austerity policy.

And on a sudden things seem to be accelerating. A prisoner died for lack of care at the center of retention Amygdaleza, two other suicide in the detention center of Amygdaleza and in Thessaloniki police station, recalling the dramatic reality of detention. In the process, the government announced the closure of Amygdaleza in 100 days and the opening of three open reception centers. Pagani however was closed in 2009, the closing of the most scandalous detention center does not mean a change in policy. Protests against detention centers are organized in Amygdaleza, Patras, Thessaloniki, Ioannina, Athens.

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