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Following the arrests of volunteers and obstacles to humanitarian action in the Greek islands, a Scottish organization calls for the mobilization of British society to interpellate MPs and amplify the actions of solidarity.


« Call to oppose plans to criminalise charities and volunteers on Greek islands

Scottish-based refugee campaign group, Positive Action in Housing, which has been providing medical help and general volunteers in Lesvos since October 2015, is calling for action to oppose plans by EU Interior Ministers to criminalise charities, local people and volunteers as “smugglers” for helping refugees arriving on Greek Islands. The group has put together a series of actions you can take to protest against the proposal.


1. Write to your MP and more importantly to MEPs, to protest these moves and ask them to provide a safe humanitarian corridor for war refugees. Ask them what they are doing to help refugees trying to reach Europe. Call on them to demand that the EU amend its anti-smuggling laws so that no one giving such vital humanitarian assistance can ever be penalised for it. Write in your own words and email a copy of your letter to home@paih.org . . Publish their replies on social media. Make them accountable. You can find out who your MP/MEP is at this link https://www.writetothem.com/

2.      If you belong to a political party, a trade union, a faith group, or any other network where there are people, use this letter to spread the word, get something moving, we can all play our part. Let us know what you are doing by emailing home@paih.org.

3.      Donate to our Refugee Crisis Appeal to send a message of hope to war refugees and a message of defiance to the EU leaders who are perpetrating a de facto genocide on the lives of refugees. 100% of the funds will go towards saving refugee lives in Lesvos. https://mydonate.bt.com/events/refugeecrisisappealeurope

4.      Support Positive Action’s humanitarian and campaigning work with a regular donation. We are sustained by donations averaging about £25 a year. Only a tiny portion of our subscribers give. If everyone reading this right now gave £3 to £4 a month, our fundraiser would be done. We’re a small non-profit charity with costs of developing cutting edge projects and employing staff.  You can set up a regular payment of £4 a month or however much you can afford by clicking here, or for other ways to donate, go here.

5.      Like our Facebook page Positive Action in Housing (www.facebook.com/paihltd) and follow us on twitter @PositiveActionH to keep in touch with our work.

6.      Send a message of support to Eric and Philippa Kempson on our Facebook page under this post. They will appreciate it.  https://www.facebook.com/paihltd/posts/10156692804495314 »