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While the European Commission plans that asylum-seekers can be returned to Greece again under the Dublin III European Regulation, winter highlights the real conditions of reception. Often, tents in empty hangars, quite often, tents outdoors.

This is the case in Moria, on the island of Lesbos, one of the hotspots created by the European Union.




– 28 ° in Bosnia and Herzegovina, – 27 ° in Serbia, the – 7 ° on the Croatian coast would appear to be mild if gusts of 140 km / h were not recorded a few kilometers away on the Montenegrin coast.

Through this cold one dies, and the list of dead exiles through the Balkans extends, in Bulgaria or Greece, near the borders.




lesbos-7-janvierLesbos, refugees are stranded in the island as part of the European Union policy of “hotspots” at the borders and the agreement with Turkey (see here, here, here and there).