About us

Ce blog existe en français sur http://exilesdanslesbalkans.wordpress.com/


Exilés en Grèce http://exilesengrece.over-blog.com/ has born in 2011 during a trip to meet exiles and groups which support them in Greece and in Istanbul. It is a way to inform people involved in France with the situation of exiles on the way to England.

When back in France, Exiles in Greece http://exilesingreece.over-blog.com/ , in English, is created as a way to share widerly this experience.

Other trips, in Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Turquey : Exiles in Greece become Exiles in the Balkans. Between these journeys, information about the exiles’ situation in the region are published, linked with facts, events, articles, reports.

The project continues now on another plate-forme, amplerly, with a page of links, a page to access documents, more diverse sources of information, and the idea to access in few clics on information about the exiles’ situation in the Balkans area. And still reporting more directly about the situation when traveling in the region or when meeting people.

https://exilesinthebalkans.wordpress.com/ is also linked with « Passeurs d’hospitalités » http://passeursdhospitalites.wordpress.com/ , which reports and follows the exilés’ situation in Calais, another hotpoint on European journeys the national and European Union’s policies make continuously more difficult.


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