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The death of three exiles in Amygdaleza detention center and in a police station seems to have put the Greek government in motion.

By a press release of 17 February, it announced:

– The immediate abolition of the ministerial decision to extend detention beyond 18 months (ie beyond the limit set by EU legislation);

The immediate release of vulnerable persons and asylum seekers held in detention centers, and their orientation towards open accommodation facilities;

The release of those in detention for more than six months, which becomes the maximum duration of detention;

– The review and implementation of alternatives to detention.

At the same time, abuse and the existence of a police group which would have tortured people in detention center of Amygdaleza are exposed by some media in the public arena.

Demonstrations continue for the closure of detention centers, that of Amygdaleza led to clashes with riot police when demonstrators managed to get into the detention center.

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Automatic translation of the press release of the Greek Ministry of the Interior:


« 02/17/2015: Press release of the Deputy Ministers of Interior and Administrative Reconstruction Mr. And Mrs. John Panousi Anastasia Christodoulopoulou on Detention Centers Reduce text Enlarge text Print E-mail



Athens, February 17, 2015 


The recent tragic events (the two deaths of immigrants detained in the detention center Amygdaleza from pathological causes and due to suicide) underline the need for immediate intervention and change in the regime of indiscriminate and months-long detention of migrants and refugees in conditions which constitute inhuman and degrading treatment. 

At this time, hundreds of people detained in appalling conditions in detention centers in the country and many of them, despite the expiry of the ceiling of eighteen months in prison. 

The indefinite detention and deprivation of liberty of thousands of people, including persons in need of international or special protection and care (asylum seekers, families, children, unaccompanied minors, pregnant women, torture victims, patients, elderly), reservation them under these circumstances, for many years problematic functioning asylum system, lack of protection mechanism and first receiving refugees structures border trivialize institutions and denigrate the country internationally and blatantly offend any sense rule of law. 

At this time, it must be immediate action and routing procedures for the immediate lifting of the deprivation of liberty of people and the restoration of legality and for ensuring compliance with the legality onwards and the imposition of administrative detention as an exception and time and under conditions that would not infringe. 

In this context -and with a sense of urgency of the problem initiated procedures to restore the legitimacy and proper application, in principle the existing legal framework, namely the N.3907 / 2011, which regulates the administrative treatment of foreigners subject to return procedures, and legislation for the reception of the requested international protection and ensuring their requests examination procedures (Presidential Decree 220/2007, Presidential Decree 113/2013). 

These processes by decision of the Deputy Ministers of Interior and Administrative Reconstruction Mr. John Panousi and Ms. Anastasia Christodoulopoulou include: 

a) the immediate abolition of the ministerial decision which upheld the decision no. 44/2014 Opinion NSK and the immediate release of those detained for any period beyond 18 months. 

b) the immediate dismissal of vulnerable cases (families, children, unaccompanied minors, pregnant women, torture victims, patients, elderly) with the necessary reference in hospitality structures and the immediate dismissal of asylum seekers. 

c) the release of detainees in cases where detention has lasted over 6 months, maximum is set as rule by law-simultaneously with the decision six months deferral of removal under the provisions of n.3907 / 2011. 

d) examination, in each case, the application of alternatives to detention restrictive measures (reporting duties to the police station of the place of residence, declaration of domicile, etc.). The same rules can be applied for those / s occupied now be found in the country without legal documents. 

In any case, according to the provisions of Article of N.3907 / 2011 and the relevant decisions of E.D.D.A., a supplement immediate need radical changes in those detention facilities any retained for a short time and of course the operation of open hospitality structures. In this direction we helper Europe, both at the Council of Europe and European Union in the framework, no, its institutions will claim the division of responsibilities based on the principle of solidarity. 

Finally, the detention center Amygdaleza, by its location and the specificities of (police facilities) can not be converted into an open structure. 

Prepare then, because of the history that accompanies it, emblematic closure structure gradually evacuating the premises. 

Meantime taken all necessary measures (logistics, medicine, clothing, food, etc.) so you do not feel the prisoners, but remain in custody, that the state only words he says. 

We guarantee that the whole process will be completed in the shortest possible time and that due process and security for all will be our primary concern. »